Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Tale of the Dachshund

Via Kitsch Slapped, Slapping You With Kitsch — As Often As Possible. Pop Culture Right In Your Kisser:

The Tale of the Dachshund, A Humorous Song, by Harvey B. Gaul:

I had a little dachshund once,
So long, you haven’t any notion,
The time it took to notify
His tail of his emotion;
And so it happened when his eyes,
Were full of woe and sadness,
His tail would still be wagging on
Because of previous gladness.

* He thinner grew each day,
Till he stretched himself away!
I had a dachshund once
The hot-dogs know him now.

* “Text for ending is optional.”

The Tale of the Dachshund, copyright, 1923, Harold Flammer, Inc.; dedicated to May Peterson.

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