Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Longdog Sauce Company

Dachshunds know that to stay in the know, you've got to read the monthly stories at Dachshund Delights. This month, one of their features is about a new company called The Longdog Sauce Company out of Mineola, Texas (where else?). With flavors including "Meaner Wiener," "Double Dog Dare 'ya," "Steam'n Weenie," and "Jalapeenie Weenie," you can't go wrong.
Read all about it at Dachshund Delights, and visit The Longdog Sauce Company.


Matt said...

I think I'm officially part of the dachshund cult when using dachshunds can make me want a product I wouldn't otherwise care about. "Jalapeenie Weenie" Awesome!


Jamie-Lynn said...

"we have good taste"...they must have good taste, they have a dachshund on their logo.

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