Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ten Dachshunds Perish in Fire

Image for Rainbow's End Doxys

We really don't like reporting the news sometimes. It's with an extremely heavy heart that we report that ten of about twenty show Dachshunds were lost in a housefire in Donegal Township, Pennsylvania, on Sunday night. The Dachshunds were owned by Suzanne Digby, who, from what we can ascertain, runs Rainbow's End Doxys.

Suzanne Digby's mother said neighbors and firefighters immediately came to help rescue the dogs. Several were saved, including 14-year-old Oscar, a dog she referred to as another member of the family.

Read more at The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Rest in Peace little ones.


Jamie-Lynn said...

That is soo sad...

Haley said...

That is very, very sad. Rest in peace sweet little darlings.

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