Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The World Revolves Around Dachshunds

News From the Motherland: It's the 3rd annual dachshund races in Itzehoe, Germany, on April 5th, and dachsies all over the region are no-doubt training for the big event. Above, meet athletic red smooth 'Trudi,' who was last year's champ. Obviously. Translated Source.

Hot Mess Alaskan Booty Call: It's come to my attention the my little boy dachshund is interested in girls! He is a smooth black and tan weiner dog, with a really interesting personality and has been known to be called "the fabio of weiner dogs". He's looking for one lucky lady (or several I guess) to have a one night stand with. Seriously though. He's an awesome dog, but we don't have papers for him. We are willing to negotiate a price/puppy if you are interested. His name is Bruizer, but affectionately known as Bruce Ween. Source.

Painfully Cute and Totally Bitchin': Who doesn't love a wiener dog on the runway dressed in a fur coat? This was the scene Friday night in Portland, Oregon, for the 4th Annual Boutiques Unleashed. Source.

Dachshund in Charge: Munich, Germany, designers eins:33 have completed the interior of a paper and stationery store in the wealthy Munich suburb of Grünwald. The store is run by a dachshund, apparently. If you have shared the opinion “a dog can not run a paper store” we are happy to widen your mind. Word has it that 'Urmel,' the elegant dachshund-lady rules the brand new store in the shopping arcade of Grünwald, home of Munich’s sparkling society. And indeed, when entering Dressler’s Papeterie a wagging tail arises underneath the presentation counters towards you to give a wet but friendly welcome. You have to bend down quite far to stroke the tousled and unique spiky hair on the little dog’s hat, which made it already on the company logo in first round. Urmel disappears in her integrated dogs hut behind the counter to await the next client. Source.

Have a great day.


Matt said...

"Hot Mess Alaskan Booty Call" had me laughing so hard. That's awesome!


LuLu and LoLLy! said...

Two Paws UP! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

Jamie-Lynn said...

I love the racing outfit!

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