Monday, March 9, 2009

Georgia Puppy Mill Pups Find Shelter


Meet one of the 57 small dogs and puppies recently surrendered from a Georgia puppy mill. They are being housed at the Hall Humane Society in Gainesville, Georgia. Excerpt from The Gainesville Times:

The dogs, which arrived Wednesday afternoon, are all small breeds: Yorkshire terriers, dachshunds, poodles, papillons, shih tzus, Pekingese, schnauzers, miniature pinschers and chihuahuas.
Humane society president Rick Aiken said he didn’t think the breeders were deliberately cruel. “These animals weren’t being starved,” he said. “But they were somewhat neglected because the breeders had gotten in over their heads (financially) and couldn’t take care of them.”

Read all about it and see two more dachshund pics at The Gainesville Times.


Maribeth said...

OMG! What a cute pup! As a responsible breeder I simply hate "Puppy Mills"! They make me sick!

niz said...

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Haley said...

I hate puppy mills.

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