Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Naming Dachshunds After Your Hobbies

"It doesn't matter how hard you can hit the ball if you can't chip and putt you won't get anywhere." So says New Zealander Francie Shagin, human mom of littermates 'Chip' and 'Putt.' Collectively the dogs, who have never spent a night apart, are known as the Noodles, a nod to their shape and the Maxfli golf ball of the same name. Read more at The Marlborough Express.

Not to be outdone, Merideth Canham-Nelson and her husband, Chris Nelson, who hail from Monterey, California, travel all over the world to drink beer. They're beer geeks. What are their dachshunds' names? 'Porter' and 'Stout!' Cheers! Don't miss Stout playing frisbee at their website.
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Got a dachshund named after your hobby?


doxie mama said...

My husband loves exotic cars so we have a red long hair named Testarossa, but we call her Tess, among other things.

inc123 said...

My first was Pretzel, next was Bier..

Ashley said...

Yes! My fiance and I both love horror movies and TV shows. Our doxies were born on Halloween, and we named them Dexter (after the TV show Dexter) and Wednesday (The Adams Family).

Anonymous said...

After adopting them from 2 different shelters, Vinnie is now Vincent Price. He's a tricolour pie-bald. Chewy is now Bela Lugosi. We think he is Mini pincher also, but know he is Chihuahua and dachshund. as i refer to him as michiwienie!

Anonymous said...

We love german beer so we named our red smooth doxie Weizen.

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