Thursday, May 29, 2008

UK Celebrity Dachshund to Walk 25 Miles for Charity

Twenty-five miles? We're exhausted just thinking about it! Meet red smooth 'Tiger Lilly,' and her human, UK TV presenter Linda Barker (huh?). They are about to embark on a 24.5 mile trek across Yorkshire's Three Peaks in aid of charity. The walk will raise money for Sue Ryder Care, a charity which provides specialist neurological and palliative care for people living with serious illnesses including multiple sclerosis, stroke, and motor neurone disease. Excerpt from The Halifax Courier: Linda said: "We are all really looking forward to the challenge, especially Tiger Lilly. As a dachshund she has a lovely lively nature and even though her legs are little, and she will have to take 20 paces to every one of mine, we believe she will be the first of her breed to complete the three peaks." Go Tiger Lilly! Read all about the event at The Halifax Courier.

We're reminded of the pretty smooth brindled dachshund 'Paige,' who walked 250 miles across Wisconsin last year to raise both awareness and money for Huntington's disease. Read all about Paige's journey: Dachshunds Walking Across Wisconsin in the News.


Anonymous said...

how extraordinary ! Sue Ryder Care too cares for people with Huntington's disease!
It would seem that thes lovely little dogsa have got it right on for their support! well done Tiger lilly!

Anonymous said...

Linda Barker was/is a designer on Changing Rooms, the British show that inspired Trading Spaces. She's done other shows since.

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