Friday, May 16, 2008

Dachshund News Roundup!

Proving once again that dachshunds are taking over the world, here's a bonus roundup of wiener dog news from all over the continent! Above, red longhair therapy dox 'Bobbi' comforts Attawapiskat evacuees, who were forced to leave their northern Ontario, Canada homes because of flood threats. Any worries the children might have had about being so far from home seemed to disappear as they hugged, held and walked the dogs at the University of Waterloo, where evacuees are staying. Source.

It's Garden Time! Red smooth 'Kisses' rides herd over five other dogs who trail after visitors and shoppers at the Still Meadows Farm, outside of Charleston, West Virginia. The 65-acre working farm also operates greenhouses and has a gift shop. One greenhouse features a stand of homegrown herbs. Source.
Smiling at center stage, John Hine, 4, holds up his 7-week-old red smooth dachshund 'Oscar' so the judges can get a good look during the cutest pet contest at the fourth annual Parade Your Pet event, held Saturday in downtown Midland, Michigan. Source.

Finally...when is that warm weather coming? Red longhair 'Duchess' checks out the late-season snow in Lakewood, Colorado this week. Parts of Colarado got up to a foot of snow in a late season storm. Source.
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Anonymous said...

The garden pup, Kisses looks a lot like CDL's Kenneth! Who knew Kenneth had a twin?

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