Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Royal Dachshund Trouble

We think we know who is really running the palace in Denmark. Just last Thursday, we reported that 'Helike,' the Queen's dachshund, was hit by a car, and there haven't been any updates, but we certainly hope that she is recovering.
This week, there are reports that a royal dachshund attacked one of the Queen's guards, resulting in a 3-week sick leave for the 20-year-old guard, who was on standard patrol at the time. Time to call The Dog Whisperer. Read all about the drama at The Copenhagen Post.

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ChristaV said...

Oh, those crazy Danish royals. I've spent time over there with in-laws, and the royal family's run of bad luck taking care of the royal doxies is mind-boggling. Hello. She's Queen; she can afford heartworm preventative. You don't know how many dogs have disappeared because the royal guards can't keep them contained in the palace, and then there are the ones that have been hit by cars. In case one of our good rescue groups gets an app from the Danish royal family to adopt, say no. Seriously.

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