Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dachshund Festival 2008 - NYC

Enjoy another extremely nice film from this year's Dachshund Spring Fiesta in New York! As noted by youtuber govtyule: Dachshund Spring Fiesta 2008 aka Dachshund Festival 2008 aka Dachshund Parade 2008. Music producer Erik Paulsen takes an afternoon vacation with video camera in hand to witness some cool canine com-padres. Even a puppy or two can be found among the dogs. His neighbor leads the way bringing Erik & his wife Joan along with her dachshund "Keira" and her North Star trainee, the Golden Retriever, "Charlie." Washington Square, New York City. Organized by the Dachshund Friendship Club.

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Nancy D said...

Oh! I would have loved to have been there! Nice film. It must have been hard on the knees to film at Dachshund level.

TheIndependenceParty said...

I have been the human for three wonderful dachshunds. Cricket, Nutmeg, and Timothy. The film from the Festival was a joyous reminder of their spritely personalities, and their indomitable spiris. Thanks!

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