Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dachshund News Roundup!

Some hope, and some despair: here's the latest wiener dog news from all over the country. These dachshunds are some of the 54, yes, fifty-four dachshunds that were rescued in a puppy-mill raid in Rockport Texas. Now shelters and rescue organizations all over Texas have the difficult task of finding homes for them. Many of the dogs, including those pictured above, have gone to Central Texas Dachshund Rescue. Excerpt from KEYETV: With only 30 foster parents and a tight budget, the recent rescue is putting some strain on the rescue organization's resources.
“It was a lady who had 54 dogs in a mobile home with no air conditioning and you know dirty facility, dogs in cages.” Margie McKinley said, a foster mom with the Central Texas Dachshund Rescue. She’s caring for four of the dogs.
One of the dogs is pregnant with five puppies and they’re due before morning, but McKinley specializes in dachshund labor and delivery. Read more at KEYETV.
There were 78 dachshunds in attendance for the 6th Annual Wiener Dog Races in conjunction with the Annual Riverfest in Farmington, New Mexico on Saturday. Congrats to Chocolate 'Yoda' for emerging as the champion after 8 heats! As a winning prize, Yoda won a free night's stay at the Farmington Courtyard Marriott, although hotel management said the prize was for the dog's owners only and that Yoda was not welcome. What the heck? Read all about the fun event and see more photos at The Daily Times.

When a group of students in Oklahoma heard that red smooth 'Johanna,' of Calais, Maine, needed a new set of wheels, they raised enough money to buy her a brand new cart! This is the same group of students who bought Johanna her original cart three years ago. Read all about the well-deserving dachshund, and see a nice video at WCSH6.

Finally, black and tan smooth 'Snoopy,' of Fresno, California, shows off his pearly whites during a smile session in an article about the human-like characteristics our pets have at The Fresno Bee.

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