Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dachshunds Come Home

Meet red longhairs 'Shadey' and 'Cassie,' who hail from Barham, UK. Their humans, David and Maureen Westgate, are gushing with joy to have the duo back after they were stolen from their backyard 3 months ago. Shady was found and returned to them several weeks ago, and 11-year-old Cassie was just found as well. Excerpt from The Evening Star: On Tuesday night the pair broke down in tears when police officers knocked on their door with 11-year-old Cassie. It came just weeks after the couple were reunited with Shadey, who was found straying in the country.
Mr. Westgate said: “This is just unbelievable. Shadey's return last month was amazing but there was always a dark cloud over it because we knew Cassie was still out there."
“She is the older of the dogs and we were worried as she needed to be back at home with us in her senior years. The knock on the door marked the end of what has been a living hell for us. To see Cassie in the arms of those wonderful officers was just unbelievable.”
Read all about the happy reunion at The Evening Star.

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