Friday, February 24, 2012

Uli and the Weasel

It's generally never a good idea to listen to your toys.  They'll always get you in trouble.  Awesome Video by youtuber BandMeme who notes: 

A short film about Uli the Dachshund and her mission to improve her food.
Shot and edited by Danny Burke
Voices by Danny Burke
Music by Brian Casey and Danny Burke


Anonymous said...

adorable! and a paws up from Baron! woof woof!

Jayne D. and AnnieBelle said...

This was very delightful ! What a sweet little girl Uli is !Thank you for sharing. Kindly, Jayne and Annie

Whit said...

How cute! And what a beautiful long haired dachshund!
Milo is quite fond of "Rabbit Truffles" too, unfortunately!

Doxi Mum said...

Too darling... our Peni Penn is just like Uli (she also goes on food strikes). Uli is such a beautiful dog!

Cynthia (Geneva's mom) said...

Cute video, but kibble GOOD for dogs? I don't think so.

Audrey said...

She is adorable! Funny vid =)

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