Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Help Needed In Iowa: Find Oakie For Her Blind Human

Help is desperately needed from Dachshund and dog lovers in Alta, Iowa (population 1,865), near Storm Lake, to find 14-year-old pretty red smooth 'Oakie' for her blind human Dale Davis.  Thanks so much to our pals 'Oscar' and 'Hans' for forwarding on this story - they heard about it from their Grandma!  
There are so many stories of lost Dachshunds and dogs that it's hard to post them - but this one certainly tugged at our heartstrings and Oakie simply must be found.  It's cold outside.  If you live near these communities, please share the story of missing Oakie with your friends and neighbors, or even better yet, help scour her neighborhood to find this special girl and bring her back home. 
Story in its entirety by Dolores Cullen for the Storm Lake Times:

Dale Davis has lost his dog Oakie and is doing everything in his power to find her.
Readers will remember Dale as the legally blind man from Alta who rolled a perfect bowling score in 2008. The story went national. Dale was called by the Tonight Show. The fete was called a “minor miracle.”
At the time Dale told The Storm Lake Times he was surprised when people said he inspired them to face their own challenges. At his side during the entire interview was the red miniature dachshund he said he couldn’t get along without.
“There’s been a few tears,” said the 82-year-old Monday. Usually Dale hooks Oakie to a leash when he lets her out. Friday night he forgot and the dog ran away.
Unable to look for her himself, Dale put out the word. “I told everybody over in Alta,” he said. He spoke with Brad Pedersen, who is in charge of garbage pickup, in case his workers might see the dog.
He spoke with snow removal workers and neighbors. The Bunjes boys have been informed of the loss.
“Her face is grey and her paws are all grey,” he told them.
Oakie’s 14 and Dale knows she might not be found alive. In that case Dale still wants to be notified “so I can get some closure of it.”
In the event of bad news Dale wishes to have the dog’s body taken to Oakie’s vet, Dr. Stepan, and cremated.
He’s frank: “If she didn’t make it, those ashes would stay with me until I go in the old plywood box.”
NOR HAVE THINGS been going well with Dale’s bowling game. Back in 2008, Dale worried that he would loose his sight completely. His plan was to put down masking tape pieces on the lane markers so he could reach down and feel where they were “and have somebody hand me the ball.”
On the bright side, Dale’s macular degeneration has not worsened. However, his shoulder went out a few months ago and Dale is unable to bowl, much less raise his arm. He’s been treated at the V.A. in Des Moines for pain.
“And I got those two new bowling balls!” he exclaimed. The old ball with which he bowled 300 developed a crack through the finger holes and around to the opposite side. Clem Ledoux of Century Lanes had to guide Dale’s fingernail along the crack because he couldn’t see it.
The lucky ball was given to Dale’s son Bill.
“I always thought I’d do it again,” he said of his perfect game, “but it’s looking more and more unlikely.”
Dale likes to think back to when his name was all over the news. “I put Bonnie and Clyde to shame,” he says with a half smile.
PLEASE KEEP AN EYE out for Oakie. If you find her call 712-200-3848. “If they find her I want to give a reward,” Dale added.


Anonymous said...

I pray pray pray that Oakie is found...Baron is a leash dog and he would probably do the same thing as away!

Anonymous said...

Here in Quebec we 4 are crossing our paws for Oakie to be found safe and sound. Keep us posted please.

Decor To Adore said...

The Gunn family is praying in Phoenix.

Robin said...

Poor little guy, we're spreading the word in Iowa on Facebook for him!

Robin said...

Just put your post up on K9 Amber Alert (FB) and the word is getting out in Iowa now too! Good luck! We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Rowdy and Bette said...

Thanks guys! Oakie needs to find her Dad!

Anonymous said...

Any news yet on Oakie?

Cutie Pies said...

OMG, i just read this story and now i am dying to know if poor little Oakie has been found yet. :( I really hope he is home safe and sound, and with his daddy :)

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