Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Those Special Dachshunds: With Love From Charlotte

Thanks so much to Jenna Durrance for writing in with such beautiful photos of her beautiful dappled black and tan smooth 'Charlotte.'  What a sweet gal.  Jenna writes:

Dear Joey & Rowdy,

Charlotte is an eight year old dappled mini-Dachshund.  She leads a very hard life of napping in her fluffy pink chair, snoozing on the couch, and laying under the lamp to "sun".   Life hasn't always been so easy for this hot dog.  In her puppy days, she survived a broken arm and just last year she went through neck surgery.  We are happy to report that she bounced back and is as good as new today!!! :) She loves running laps around the house, sitting up tall for treats, and snuggling on the couch.  As with all Dachshunds, she comes with a personality all her own and we are so happy to share our days with such a loving, carefree, loyal companion! :)


Anonymous said...

Poor Charlotte. My 4 dachies share your hard life too. They never get enough treats, toys and balls nor do they get enough hot blankies from the dryer when its cold or any comfy little doggie beds to snooze in, or get to snuggle with mom in her bed. Its a rough dogs life for sure!!! lol

Mom is kiddding of course, she wishes she could stay home with us but she says she goes to work to make sure we get spoiled.

Alison said...

Oh those big beautiful eyes! You just can't say no to something that precious.

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