Sunday, February 5, 2012

Puppy Bowl Sunday With Joey and Rowdy

We couldn't decide whether to watch the Kitty half-time show during the Puppy Bowl, or the Cougar half-time show during the Super Bowl.  Just kidding....we love you Madonna. 

We crown 15-week-old 'Oscar,' from Furever Dachshund Rescue, Puppy Bowl MVP. Way to go Oscar!


Anonymous said...

way to go "Oscar"...just look at those soft brown eyes...what a sweetie! Baron sends you a WOOF!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Joey and Rowdy! You sweet things!

Whit said...

Fuzzy, chubby puppies are so much more fun to watch than hulking guys squeezed into tights!
I just squealed with delight when I saw Oscar in the lineup -- seems like our doxie buddies have gotten the short end of the leash when it came to Puppy Bowl participation!
I just wanted to reach through the tv screen and bring Oscar home!
I'd love to be that "ref"...what an awesome gig!

Anonymous said...

Joey and Rowdy look awesome! We had a great time and barked occasionally for Oscar in the Puppy Bowl. Mom thought he was adorable!

Piper and Gracie (and Mom)

Kerri said...

"Cougar Bowl" *snorts!*

Mollie said...

Oscar definately stole the show! He was so feisty, really had that dachshund spirit!

Anonymous said...

Rowdy, we just love how u lean your head on your big brother, the J-man, its so cute.

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