Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cruising with the Dogs

'Uma' and 'Eli' are off to the University of Queensland in Australia for a run on the oval.  By youtuber nitramluap.


Anonymous said...

Woofers to Uma and Eli from Baron, lounging around in Florida!

Gwiddle said...

I wonder where they got that basket thing the dogs are in! This is so cute, I need to get one of those!!

Paul Martin said...

Ha! I'm thrilled my little video made it to this blog - have been a reader for years.

The basket is actually part of the bicycle. It is a Dutch made bakfiets (box bike) called a Gazelle Cabby. It's brilliant and great for doing the groceries.

Having the dogs up front makes it much nicer. I can see them, they can see me and they are up front watching where we're going!

Right back at you, Baron! Two sloppy kisses from Uma & Eli :)

Turbo & Lily said...

Weeee weeeee wheeeeee!

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful!!!

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