Monday, February 27, 2012


Thanks as always to our friend 'Princess Lea,' who hails all the way from Slovenia, for sending in the latest Drabble!  She notes:  I must admit that I always have the last woof!
Read more Drabble at GOCOMICS.


Anonymous said...

saw this on Facebook the other day...and yeah that's still my the door he looks out nothing there one tiny little werf as the door closes! it's so funny to discover, when you think you're the only one going through something, that there are a multitude of dachsie owners experiencing the dachsieisms that I am...LOL!!!

PairADox Designs said...

Mine do that too--always one last woof under their breath after I tell them to be quiet.

Alicia said...

Yep, this is exactly how it works with Oskar. He gets the last word and gives the side-ward glance.

Jablana said...

It seems that Doxie behavior is universal :))))))))))

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