Monday, May 23, 2011

Dachshund Relaxation: Chester and Gretel Adventureweiner: Crossing the Stream

Spring has finally sprung - we weren't so sure it was going to make it this year!  Now's the time to set aside a cool morning to take your pals on a long nature walk - just you and your dogs.  Chester and Gretel are sure having fun here at the Spruce Railroad Trail on the shores of Lake Crescent, about 20 miles west of Port Angeles, Washington.  Good exercise like hiking strengthens your Dachshund's backs, gives humans peace of mind, and is a great bonding experience with your furry friends. Via youtuber adventurejess.


Sheila said...

When my husband and I visit my parents, we are wrapped around the paws of their two doxies. They associate us with hiking and beg us to take them hiking everyday like clockwork. We enjoy spoiling them and taking them on as many different hikes as we can.

From the cute video you posted, I noticed that these doxies jumped over the creeks. My parent's doxies love to walk in the streams. It's funny really because one of them absolutely hates going out in the rain, but she'll hop into a creek and get wet the first chance she gets.

By the way, my parent's doxies were "models" for an ad:

Wienie said...

come check out our dachshund puppy cam!

Anonymous said...

Love this video. My doxie walks me too -haha. We love hiking in Northern Califronia. Nothing like fresh air and new smells for the pups.

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