Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Dachshund Chick Magnet Effect

A study by the German dating agency Amio has revealed the top Chick Magnet dogs, or the best dogs for bachelors to use to encourage flirting.  This is one list we're proud to be on!  A spokesman for the agency said: "Many women can't resist stroking a sweet four-legged friend with wide eyes and soft fur. And it's the perfect talking point."  Here's the breakdown of the top flirting scores:

75% - Golden Retriever
59% - Sheepdog
56% - Yorkie
53% - Dachshund
51% - Poodle
43% - Pug

On the lower end:

14% - Doberman
12% - Rottweiler

We know that when we go for a walk we can hardly make it to the first corner without a chick stopping to pet us, or a gal in a moving car actually pulling over and getting out to meet us.  Has your human ever met a significant other or gone on a date because of you?  Do tell!  Read more about the Chick Magnet results at the German Herald.

2006 CHICK MAGNET™ Cabernet Sauvignon is available at Weener's Leap Winery.  That's 'Clams' on the label, a handsome Dachshund we have lovingly featured a few times before. 

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