Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dachshunds United for Human Rights

'Ziggy' - one of 120 Dachshunds taking part in "Dachshund U.N."

If you live near Melbourne, Australia, you're not going to want to miss an art installment which will take place starting in mid-May at the Melbourne Museum in Carlton.  Forty-seven Sausage Dogs will be taking part in Dachshund U.N., an exhibit by artist Bennett Miller, who is building a scale model of the Geneva hall of nations, which he will fill with Dachshunds - one for each national delegate.  Excerpt from The Age:

The Dachshund U.N. will use 120 dachshunds over three consecutive Saturdays from May 15, as part of this year's Next Wave festival. Miller is a Perth-based artist whose Dachshund Otto is his regular muse.
Dachshunds, he says, ''are a good fit for the UN and for people. They have their own racial diversity - black, brown, red. Also, even though they're restricted in their movement, they are quite determined and proud.''
The Dachshund Club of Victoria was wary when first approached by Miller. ''I wanted to make sure he was legitimate,'' says club secretary and dachshund breeder Corrienne Irvin, ''and only agreed once I was satisfied that he wasn't portraying the dogs in a demeaning way. Then I was quite happy to help him get 100 dachshunds.''
The project still needs another 20 dogs.

Find out more about the project at Next Wave.

In January of this year, the artist Bennett Miller created Dachshund Topiary Maze, an installment of wood, Topiary trees, Dachshund, and water soluble paint as part of GARDEN//ART//ACTION in Perth. Dachshunds were invited to attempt the topiary maze, while a human audience viewed the action from above.  Source.

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Fierce Festival said...

A performance of Dachshund U.N will take place in Birmingham, U.K in March 2012 for Fierce Festival.

We are currently recruiting dachshunds from across the West Midlands. Please email if you are interested in participating!

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