Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Zealand Dachshund Survives Six Days Stuck In Hole

There are certain risks involved with being a Badger Dog - like getting stuck in holes!  One thing we've learned over the years reporting Dachshund news:  if your Dachshund goes missing, don't forget to check for nearby holes!  Meet the latest Dachshund to fall victim to a tempting underground lair.  His name is 'Nigel,' and he hails all the way from New Zealand.  Nigel disappeared last week and was presumed a goner until a last ditch search effort to find him revealed a red tail hanging out of a deep, deep hole.  Excerpt from 3 News:

"I just looked down and saw this red fluff hanging out of a deep, deep hole," says owner Joanne Hudepohl, "and came screaming home to my children and husband and said, 'I've found him!' I was hysterical, and said he's dead."
But Nigel wasn't, and on closer inspection Robin Hudepohl noticed movement.
"I thought I was seeing things, then I heard this muffled yelping noise and looked up above, thought someone was calling me, and both his legs started twitching - that's when I realised he was still alive."
The Hudepohls couldn't have been happier. Nigel was rushed to the vet. He was hungry and thirsty, and had cheated death.
Nigel can spend Easter with his family and not in the hole they dug for him - or the one he was stuck in.

Read more about Nigel and watch the entertaining video at News 3.

Welcome home little guy.



I wonder if he was chasing a rabbit ? Doesn't New Zealand have a feral rabbit problem ? Thanks for your efforts you site is wonderful !

Rowdy and Bette said...

The article does state that he was probably chasing or tracking a rabbit down that hole - he may have been looking for the Easter Bunny! :)

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