Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Florida Dachshund Shot in Own Back Yard on Easter Sunday; Recovering Well

Honestly, there has been so much bad news in the Dachshund world lately.  From a Dachshund killer in New York, to another in Florida, to another brutal story in Kentucky.  We don't cover these events, but at least the Dachshund in this second Florida event is recovering well.  Give your dogs a big hug, and keep a close eye on them, because there are some crazy humans out there. 
Meet 'Paisley.'  This sweet longhair black and tan dappled girl was playing in her fenced-in back yard in Cape Coral, Florida, when she was shot on Easter Sunday.  Had the bullet strayed a little to the left, she would not have survived.  Thankfully, she is expected to make a full recovery.  We tried to embed the video, but it wouldn't play.  Watch it and read more at WZVN.
Our hearts go out to Paisley's family and friends, as well as all the unfortunate Dachshunds who weren't so lucky over the last few weeks.


Anonymous said...

I can understand the fear the family has. Hope they have police investigate this incidence further for their future safety. Paisley get better fast girl. We are woofing for you!!


Does it appear that particular dog was being targeted or was it a stray bullet from a drug deal / random violence that occurs way too often in this society ? Thanks God the dog is gonna make it !

Haley said...

Why do people hurt dogs! It's so so sad.

Anonymous said...

Paisley looks like an angel! We hope she gets better quickly! We have our own sweet dachshund. Her name is BB and she is a Texas girl!

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