Friday, April 16, 2010

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Naji!

Naji (click any photo to enlarge and admire)

Thanks so much to Marlo M. for sending in such nice photos of the newest addition to her pack:  longhair 'Naji.'  You may recall that we've met Naji's brother 'Mufti' before, both in his own post as well as riding the lawnmower with Dad!  These two handsome brothers hail all the way from Tasmania, Australia!  Marlo writes:

Hi Joey and Maggie,

Thought we’d introduce you to the newest member of our family – although not so new, it’s taken 6 months for him to sit still enough for us to take a photo -Naji!

Naji is a little brother to Mufti, and although we’d heard about the differences between the smooth and long haired dachshunds, we still can’t believe it. Naji is a floppy, carefree and easy going little guy, whereas big brother Mufti is much more serious and although loves a good play on the beach, is also happy to sit outside keeping watch and guarding his property (all 4 acres of it). Naji much prefers to throw himself against the netted side of the orchard, using it as a vertical trampoline! They absolutely adore each other though, and we often wonder how Mufti survived for all this time without a playmate to keep him company.


Anonymous said...

besides being handsome, the 2 pups looks so nice together. Congs on your new family member.

Linda and the critters said...

Naji is just beautiful! Congrats on the new addition.

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