Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wiener Dog Champions

Congratulations to little 'Gracie,' who took the grand prize at her local Dachshund Dash this last weekend near Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Way to go!  She ran her heart out in honor of long-time Long and Short of it All reader and older sister 'Piper,' who left this earth last Wednesday.  Our hearts go out to Gracie and her family. 

Pretty Piper


Unknown said...

Congrats on your prize, Gracie!

Dina and Mom

Anonymous said...

To Gracie's Mom Cynthia, & Piper,

The thoughts and prayers of our entire Dachshund household are with you, Cynthia, & your beloved Piper.

We had not found TLASOIA in Feb. 2011 when you wrote to Carson, Maggie & Joey about Piper's disc surgery, but having been through two such operations with our amazing Cinnamon, I'm thrilled that you and Piper were able to share a million or more special moments together.

I know your sweet Piper is with my beautiful Cinnie, and Maggie and Joey. What an incredible place Rainbow Bridge must be.

Bless Mommy Cynthia, pretty Piper, champion Gracie, and your entire family.

Cinnamon's Humans & the PA Piebalds: Maggie, Max & Melly

Alyssa said...

Very sorry to hear about Piper. I've been through a similar situation so I can sympathize. I wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Carson and everyone for your kind thoughts. It makes me smile to think of sweet Piper with all of the other wonderful dachshunds who have gone on.

The race certainly seemed to help Gracie adjust to being the only dog at the moment. I did sign her up for Dog TV on Roku, which has seemed to help her calm down when I leave the house.

Cyndy and Gracie :)

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