Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dachtober Fun

Via the Chicago Sun Times:  Fall leaf pile in Naperville, Illinois: There is nothing like making a leaf pile. Now that my girls are too old for this, my dachshund, Rosie, keeps looking forward to the leaf pile, her rite of fall.

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Anonymous said...

Rowdy, Bette & Dad Carson,

Great to have The Long and Short of it All back, and you bloggers in the saddle after your little vacation.

While we think the weatherman's little wiener, the Colonel, looks stunning in his high-end hotdog costume, we're dropping you a note about little Rosie enjoying the leaf pile.

I dare say anywhere the leaves change color & fall to the ground at this time of year, there's not a red smooth-owned person around who hasn't lost, temporarily, their crazy little Dachshund among the leaves. Seeing little Rosie reminded me, as any such photo will forever, of my family's beloved little Cinnamon, & how much joy she (and we) derived from her frolicking in the leaves.

Just a reminder that there is nothing in life that isn't better when shared with a Dachshund!

Keep up the good, no, GREAT, work!

Peace & love,
Cinnamon's Humans & the PA
Piebalds: Maggie, Max & Melly

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