Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dachshunds Take Over Christmas 2013

Retailers have really wised up to the limitless spending habits of Dachshund Lovers for the 2013 holiday season!  Thanks to 'The Warner Dachshund Herd' for sending in all these photos of the highlights of some of what you might find to let the world know that you decorate for Christmas - Dachshund style.  They write:
Dear Bette (and Rowdy),
We thought you might want to know about all the fun Dachshund stuff out this Holiday Season and do some shopping.   It appears Dachshunds are taking over Christmas this year!
Above, you'll need to head to the yard decor section of Home Depot to find these handsome accoutrements.

Go to K-Mart for this ornament

Ornament at K-Mart

Stop by Target for this Yard Decor

Yard Decor at Lowe's

Plush Dancing Dachshunds at Lowe's

Run Into Walmart for this Yard Decor
And More Walmart Yard Decor - if you're still looking for Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Carson, I love your blog!!!! Thank you! BTW, Miss Maggie May (a red smoothie girl) loves it too.

Anonymous said...

We love your site! We regularly post dachshunds on ours also! Check it out

Lovable Lily said...

We're gonna be running to our nearest stores for some of these! It's gonna be a fun, fun Christmas.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Anonymous said...

They need more in stores there running out fast, cause only having just a few on hand:-(

Anonymous said...

Rowdy, Bette & Carson,

We know from personal experience how crazy Dachshund people can be, but the 'Dachshunds Take Over Christmas 2013' amounted to using gasoline to contain a fire.

Cinnamon's Human's from PA here, and your post from Thursday, October 17, led to a long weekend of: checking store inventory levels at numerous big box stores; phone calls to CONFIRM product availability by store location; a lengthy excursion each day in the quest to visit multiple stores & purchase multiple quantities of the most desirable items; several tankfuls of gas consumed; too many road meals; and one (1) great Red Robin burger.

Wishing handsome Rowdy, beautiful Bette and Dad Carson a happy and safe Halloween. And to our beloved Cinnamon and your Maggie, remember to stay with Joey during his first Rainbow Bridge Halloween. You truly are with us forever.

Peace & Love,
Cinnamon's Humans and the PA
Piebalds: Maggie, Max & Melly

Unknown said...

Love your website! I'm Vanessa from Poopbuddy and we have just the kind of stuff your Dachsund's will love. Is there an email to reach you at?


Scary Miss Mary said...

Oh my goodness. That Target Dachshund with the sweater was sold out at all the Targets in my area weeks before Thanksgiving even!

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