Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Breaking Wiener Dog News: Wally Gets His Own Blog

It's no secret that we love the adventures of 'Wally' in Kevin Fagan's Drabble cartoon strip, and now you can keep up with this smooth dude at his very own blog.  This is his very first post:
I am a wiener dog. We were bred to hunt badgers. We corner them and then bark real loud to alert our masters. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen a badger, so I just bark at everything to be on the safe side. Ok, time for a nap!
Wally has been pretty prolific in Drabble since the start of this new year, and as always, thanks goes out to our pretty friend from Slovenia, 'Princess Lea,' who has kept us up to date with his shenanigans.  Here are a few of his new ones:  


Read more Drabble at GoComics.


Barbara Techel said...

Thanks for the heads up on his new blog. His knock knock joke cracked me up!


Trinket's mom said...

It cracked me up to, Barbara, because it's so true to the our dachsies are, isn't it? No-one can come to our door without Trinket alerting me.

Tootsie said...

Congratulations, Wally!

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