Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Joys of Wrapping Paper

Wait - Wirehair Wednesday was yesterday!  But we couldn't wait until next week to share this heartwarming holiday gem.

By youtuber 351gag. (some sort of Association of German Paper Mills?)


Tootsie said...


Trinket's mom said...

The wirehair is just beautiful! S/he's also very happy playing in the wrapping paper.

One non-doxie thing I npticed is the real candles on the tree. I hope none of them were low enough for the doxie to reach. I do think I'd opt for lights that look like candles rather than the real McCoy.

doggie nation said...

Every christmas my dog loves to roll around in the left over wrapping paper. It's way fun. I particularyl like to watch my dog open her gifts and see how she tears up the paper.

Gatinha said...

Arturo, childs' album

And I finally got a doxie mix :) Her name is Gracie Blanche the First and she is amazing, really sweet and kind to us and our cats. We are absolutelly delighted with our precious girl:)

Kisses from Portugal

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