Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finding A Few Good Dachshunds: A Meeting Of Potential Delegates

We're so proud, some folks actually DO read our little blog here!  Thanks so much for sticking with us over the years and giving us a shout out.  We hinted a few weeks ago that Dachshund UN, Australian artist Bennett Miller's traveling art installation, was about to make its way to the North American continent as a part of The 2013 World Stage season at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre.  Some Dachshunds took note, and have already auditioned to take part!  We're so jealous of you Canadians, you're gonna have such a great time. 

From the video notes:  Last Sunday a handful of owners and their pups met with the creator of Dachshund UN, Bennett Miller, at Paws Way. By now you may have heard that the performance that "stretches the boundaries of ... live art" will be making it's North American debut here at Harbourfront Centre as part of the 2013 World Stage season. The owners were very excited to meet Bennett and potentially be a part of this exciting show.

Find out more about the event at the Harbourfront Centre.

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Amy said...

Very cool! Wish I were on the other side of Canada so Mom could take me and Abby.


Tootsie said...

This makes me wag hard. I LOVE the mention of you about half way through the video. Yes: doxies read your blog! Of course!

Pippa Sheltie said...

Great blog! Wagging my tail a lot! Woof!

jfhenry said...

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