Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dachshund News Hounds

This is a special thank-you to all the Dachshunds who send us news tips.  We can't always write back via email, and many times stories don't make it to the site - there just aren't enough hours in the day it seems.  But we couldn't put out a quality Dachshund news site if it weren't for our Roving Reporters all over the world who send us the latest news as they see it.  Thank you.  Here's a sampling of these wiener dogs in-the-know.  Above, Tucker sniffs out news whenever he can.  He's seen here with the Dachshund Cupcake in his likeness from the book Hello, Cupcake!

These guys, 'Piggy' and 'Louie,' are never ones to bark up a wrong tree, sending us a link yesterday to the BBC story about the nose cell transplant helping an IVDD dog.  But Piggy has had such troubles of his own, writes his mom:  The story is ffascinating for us as our first dachshund Stanley died after developing myelomalacia following surgery on ruptured discs. Then last year our second dachshund Piggy had to have the same surgery following ruptured discs. Despite being super-back-aware, we had to up our game after Piggy's surgery with upholstered ramps to the couch and chairs and another little ramp at the back door in the hope Louie our youngest will not suffer the same. Luckily Piggy made a good recovery :0)

Finally, 'Rosco P. Dog' recently threw us a bone with some news and had this to say about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday:  I hope everything is going well this holiday season. I am getting pretty excited about Thanksgiving, or Dachshund Day as I call it. I call it Dachshund Day because 15 people come visit me, pet me, and then feed me the most wonderful food.

Ha!  You're right Rosco, Turkey Day is so last Millennium.  Dachshund Day it is!

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