Friday, October 21, 2011

Teresa Berg/DFW Dachshund Rescue on CBS News!

(If you can't see video embedded here, click the title of this post to view)

This was on CBS Sunday Morning News a few days after our Maggie's passing when we were taking some time off the blog, but thanks so much to reader Jo Anne for writing in to remind us to post this!  It's awesome!   She writes:

Hi Joey and Rowdy!

I'm just one of your many loyal blog followers and I came across a really neat video about a lady using her skills to increase adoption rates. I had never thought of doing so before, and after watching the video I sure want to follow in her footsteps!

We have featured Teresa Berg's work here in the past, and also many stories on DFW Dachshund Rescue.  Ms. Berg was featured again this week on Dogster:  Teresa Berg’s Five Tips For Better Dog Photography, so be sure and check that out.  Also, fans of her work will want to know that her 2012 Picture A New Life Calendars are ready for delivery at DFW Dachshund Rescue.  100% of the proceeds go to Dachshund Rescue.


Christa said...

With inspiration like this, you're never going to do anything but take dachshund pictures for the rest of your days, are you, Carson! Fantastic.

Alison said...

Fabulous info. I passed on to MWDR. It's not easy to photograph those little furbabies but when you get that million-dollar-shot WOW it's all good. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out for our angel Teresa Berg. Our calendar this year is awesome and it supports our rescue work. Thanks for getting the word out, Joey and Rowdy.

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