Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Visit With Florida Dachshund Rescue!

We love to chronicle the wonderful work by our tireless Dachshund rescue groups across the country, especially when we stumble upon such a well-made video!  From youtuber ResidentFilmmaker:   OYE! On Saturday, October 11th, 2011 Pookie's Bow Wow Bakery hosted Florida Dachshund Rescue to help bring Adopted Dogs into homes of Caring Families at their Winter Park location. Video Imagery by Bernie "FilmGuru" Noga. Music by SmileyJacksBaitShack.

Find out more about Florida Dachshund rescue at their website. 


angie said...

yay fldr and pookies!

angie said...

btw, i hate blogger. i actually had a big comment about pookies and that adorable double dapple, but i got an error and lost it. :(

Anonymous said...

nice video...I've learned so much about dachshunds from your blog (and the fact that I share my life with Baron), next time I want to adopt a dachshund I'll adopt a rescue!

Alisha said...

I love FLDR! They are a great organization, we adopted our dapple Helo from them earlier this year and he has been the greatest addition we could ask for.

Amy said...

I think I need to visit Florida! What a great rescue, wish I lived closer, would love to help.

Here in BC Canada Doxies not so easy to adopt. Which I have to remind myself is a GREAT thing! Just not so common up here and apparently highly prized as they should be :)

OK kids, we are going to Disney World! ;))

Anonymous said...

Love rescue groups and the great work they do to save the dachies. God bless them all.
PS: Bob if u want to adopt a Canadian dachie contact Canadian Dachshund Rescue near Toronto. They will arrange transport and get the pup to their new fur-ever home. I've adopted from them and they are a great group too. 4 rescued dachies in Quebec Canada.

Amy said...

Good to know Anonymous!

Have checked repeatedly at the BC Dashie rescue and small dog rescues around here (Vancouver BC with no luck.)

Doris said...

I need to work on my video skills so I can make better youtube vids for my favorite rescue.

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