Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Italy's Ghia designers worked out this idea-car with Chrysler engineers - the idea being to combine svelte lines form European racers with a smooth-riding Dodge chassis that wouldn't shatter everything in your luggage.  The Firearrow is 75 1/2" wide - more than twice its 34" height - and crouches like a springing cat on its 115" wheel base.  Salient features:  V-shaped rub rail that wraps up the paint job with an effective bumper; recessed double headlights; separate hatches for luggage, spare.  Sharply raked windshield, gearshift mounted between two seats, authentic sports-car style.

Image via Esquire, August, 1954.

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Anonymous said...

quite a nifty looking car...however, I'd rather "adopt" the cute dachshund standing in the rear looking on

Christa said...

Both car and doxie are beautiful. As is the artwork. I'm grateful I can't be tempted to go online and buy this particular item, as the image is 57 years old. Sigh. You do find some pretty things!

curator said...

It IS a nice car. But it would look better with a dachshund in the passenger seat.

Doxie Rod said...

we all know that the best aerodynamic design is the dachshund body!! gorgeous car and doxie! love the picture.

Amy said...

Love the old ads with doxies in them. Be great all framed up and on the wall.

Doris said...

Once again, proof that Dachshunds are the quintessential mid-mod dog!

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