Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Celebrity Dachshund Watch: Jennifer Aniston

Okay, so Jennifer Aniston isn't a Dachshund Lover in the sense that she has her own Dachshund dog, but she obviously loves this little red smooth pup.  And who wouldn't?  Via INF Daily:  Imagine this: you’re out for a morning stroll, walking your super cute baby Dachshund. Everything’s normal, sorta quiet, then all of a sudden there’s Jennifer Aniston, and she’s petting your pup. And taking his picture with her iPhone. Bam! Your day just got 90% more interesting than everyone else’s.

Can't argue that.


Anne said...

super cute doxie!! :) how much fun.

Road Dog Tales said...

Jen is one of our favorite animal lovers! We would LOVE it if she took our pics!

The Road Dogs

kim kardashian fan said...

Aww that little guy is so cute! Looks just like my little rascal. Jen is so great with animals!

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