Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Special Dachshund from the Last Frontier: Meet Rebel!

Like Marlon Brando said in The Wild Ones after a female dance partner questions him "Hey, Johnny, What are you rebelling against?"  And Brando replies:  "What've you got?"  This is what we imagine life is like with this handsome heroic smooth chocolate guy named 'Rebel.'  Thanks to Meghan and Bruce for sending in such nice photos.  They write:

Dear Maggie and Joey,

I wanted to write to introduce you to one of your faithful readers from the far north. Rebel joined our family two years ago from the wonderful Colorado Dachshund Rescue. Soon after his adoption we moved north, to the emerald isle of Kodiak, Alaska. Rebel spent a year exploring beaches and dodging eagles before we made a move to the big city of Anchorage. Rebel enjoys exploring the extensive trails system around town, barking at moose, and follows sunbeams around the house. As we say, he loves a good wienie roast.

Thanks for all of the great stories, videos, and pictures on the blog - we Dachshundists of the north can't get enough!

(click any photo to enlarge and admire)


mom said...

the king of the North

This is a special dog indeed. He has been a brave trooper to venture boldly into the last frontier.
I have met him, spent time with him,and have observed his special talent for finding tiny sunspots to lounge in while in the great north.

Anonymous said...

He's a rebel with paws! Love the pics.

L said...

Rebel is going to take over the world, starting with Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Rebel looks like a good stocky, strong dachshund. Made for the north. Of couse that winter coat is a must!!

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