Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost and Found and Lost and Found

Meet pretty red smooth rescue 'Winnie,' her human Sarah DeCantis (left), and Winnie's recent foster mom.  These folks hail near Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Winnie, a 3-year-old puppy mill rescue, went missing last week when a loud noise had startled her.  A group of kids had found Winnie and contacted Ms. DeCantis, only to prematurely give the dog to another woman who claimed that Winnie was hers. 
After hundreds of fliers were posted and the story appeared in the paper, the woman who had taken Winnie contacted Ms. DeCantis, saying it was never her intention to keep her. 
Read all about the happy reunion and see several nice photos at the Times-Tribune.

Welcome home (finally!) Winnie!

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