Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crazy Man Attacks Dachshund With Axe

We don't normally post such horrid news stories, but handsome Wichita, Kansas, black and tan 'Weenie' appears to be doing fine after the attack.  Although the veterinarians treating him had recommended euthanasia, Weenie surprised everyone yesterday by jumping out of bed, ready to move forward with his little life.  Via Kake


Stacey L. said...

That's horrifying. I can't believe some people...I'm so glad Weenie is doing okay!

Jenni said...

That left me in tears and made my stomach churn. I just can't understand the cruelty in some people. I'm glad its a felony charge and that Weenie is doing better. Bless his owners for not just putting him down and having faith in doxie moxie. Some vets just don't understand the strength and willpower these dogs have.

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