Friday, May 21, 2010

American Idol Contestant Casey James and the Silver Dachshund

"Casey James signed my little silver Dachshund!"  Those were the words we heard on American Idol on Wednesday night when contestant Casey James visited his home town of Cool, Texas.  Apparently a woman had him sign the rump of her dappled Dachshund puppy.  May it never be washed.  Casey James, who nearly incites women to throw their panties onstage, has been on of our favorites this year, but was voted off later in the show, leaving room for our own home town hero, Lee DeWyze to take the win against Crystal Bowersox. 
If Lee wins, maybe we'll track him down and have him sign Maggie's silky smooth belly.


Anonymous said...

Dachshunds: timeless & classic
"idol shows": dead fad

Jerry S said...

First, let me note that I have never seen American Idol. Let me further note that I know nothing of Lee DeWyze or the kind of music he sings.

But I've met Crystal Bowersox, and she, too, is a home town hero.

Years ago, I went down into the subway to head home after work, and a young woman with a guitar was performing for change on the platform. Most subway performers and amped and miked and just plain dreadful. This young woman sang in a clear, beautiful voice in the style of Judy Collins and other singers who were popular before she was born. How good was she? I purposely skipped the incoming train to stay and listen and chat with her.

We traded a few e-mails, then I lost track of her. But a name like Bowersox is one that sticks in the mind, and I was amazed to start seeing headlines about her recently.

So: no hard feelings against Lee, but I'm rooting for Crystal.

Taffy said...

Ummmm, why would you get your doxies butt signed? Just curious.
Anyway, Momma liked him too but said she would keep her panties on ;o)

sundox said...

Best part of American Idol this year! Love this picture!
Oh cute puppy too!

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