Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dash the Dog on

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What happens when you hit a 404 error page on, an online shoe and clothing shop?  This does!  Thanks so much to our pals 'Oscar' and 'Hans' for sending in the link!  They write:

Hi Joey and Maggie!

We hope you are out enjoying Spring. It's been kind of rainy here lately, which has curtailed our walks, but we do enjoy burrowing with Mom during a late-night thunderstorm!

We must be going overboard with our doxie-spotting, because now our friends are even starting to let us know whenever they see a long and low! This link came to us from a good friend. She has dobermans, but we suppose that's a forgivable sin considering she helps us find such cute weenies.

Your friends,
--Oscar and Hans

1 comment:

JustSayin' said...

Well, they couldn't have picked a more appropriate breed. My girls are like stomachs on little peglegs. I'm curious to know how much they COULD eat in a day.

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