Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Warhol's Dachshunds Featured in Upcoming Exhibit

Warhol and 'Archie'

We've gotta be quick and book our plane tickets to Pittsburgh to catch the exhibition "Canis Major: Warhol's Dogs and Cats (and other party animals)" which runs through May 4th at the Andy Warhol Museum. Inspired by Warhol's love of animals, the "Canis Major" exhibit features photographs, paintings, screen prints, drawings and videos of animals, including his pets. Excerpt from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Warhol's dachshunds, Amos and Archie, accompanied him almost everywhere he went, and they appear in many photographs, including a 1978 photo from High Times magazine in which writer Truman Capote poses with Warhol, who has Archie tucked under his arm. A TV screen in the "Canis Major" exhibit shows a continuous loop of one of the dachshunds playing with toys and with friends of the artist.
Fifteen paintings are mounted on the wall of the "Canis Major" exhibit, including a 1976 painting simply titled "Dog." While it is clearly a dachshund, Warhol paints the dog in blue, mauve and orange, using acrylic and silk screen on linen. Read all about the exhibition at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Read more about Warhol, Amos, and Archie in one of our favorite features: Dachshunds in Pop Culture: Andy Warhol

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Oh.I love Andy and you lover his dogs:D So cute??!!:D

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