Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dachshund Design

We're always fascinated when advertisers choose dachshunds to hock their wares, so when we got our new copy of Graphic Design USA in the mail yesterday, we were excited to see an article on a clean and green product re-design for a pet supply company called Petrotech. While it's not a huge stretch to see dachshund images on pet supplies, it seems we usually take a backseat for golden retrievers and jack russels.
And if you need air freshener around the house, who doesn't want DE-SKUNK air cleaner with a nice pic of a doxie on the can? We're stinky critters sometimes! We found it for sale here, and it looks like a quality product.
If you're interested in the Petrotech product re-design process, read all about it at Kitchen Collaborative.

DE-SKUNK your house

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