Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Acupuncture Treatment in Dachshunds

Meet handsome little black and tan smooth 'Ricky.' He slipped a disc in his back, and was completely paralyzed in his hind legs, and had issues with his front legs as well. When he first went to visit Dr. Skip Hightman at the Brentwood Animal Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, he couldn't walk at all. Acupuncture has helped Ricky to walk again. Excerpt from First Coast News: Little Ricky is clipping along as he takes a stroll around the hallways of the Brentwood Animal Clinic. Everyone is happy to see how easy he moves. Because just two months earlier it was a much different story for the Dachshund.
The big change in Ricky didn't come from any medicine. Dr. Hightman says Ricky got his movement back through acupuncture.
Dr. Hightman places thin acupuncture needles in some of the 150 acupuncture points on dogs. Ricky hardly even budges and never makes a sound."We normally leave them in for 20 minutes," says Dr. Hightman. In the beginning, Ricky had treatments several days a week and even had electric acupuncture too.
Read all about Ricky, acupuncture, and Dr. Hightman's holistic practice at First Coast News.
Find out more about dachshunds and IVDD (Inter-Vertebral Disc Disease) at Dodger's List.

Ricky's acupuncture treatment

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