Friday, February 15, 2008

Dachshunds From Out of the Fog

Meet little black and tan smooth 'Nelly,' and her human, First Parish Unitarian Universalist Rev. Sarah Clark from Plymouth, Massachusetts. Reverend Clark has authored a new book, Out of the Fog, a collection of inspirational vignettes of her thoughts and meditations. Nelly is one of her inspirations. Excerpt from WickedLocal: Her miniature Dachshund, Nelly, chewed the leather cover of her 19th-century book, and the Rev. Sarah Clark frowned in thought as she considered the effect of a century of book mites on Nelly’s digestion. Then Nelly stole the tennis ball from Sadie and overturned a flowerpot as “mom” tried desperately to answer a barrage of e-mails.
“Finally, I took notice before even more egregious acts of doggy daring could be perpetrated,” Clark writes in her book.
Nelly finally begs to be lifted and Clark deposits her beloved dog on her lap, adding, “It seemed that all Nelly really wanted was to be held.”
Clark then recalls all the creatures and people in her life who raised Cain until she stopped and held them – her young sons who once craved her attention, the old woman and friends who needed their hands held or wanted the reassurance of her voice.“Sometimes all any of us want and need is to be held,” she writes. “Sometimes all any of us can do for our loved ones is hold them. And so often, that is enough.”
Read all about Reverend Clark and her book at WickedLocal.

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