Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Got A Light?

Joey made a new bff (best friend forever) at a local dachshund meetup on Sunday. His name is 'Frankie,' he's a red sable longhair, and it was love at first sight. See about 30 pics of pretty doxies from the event right here. Maggie is mad that there are no pictures of her to be found anywhere.
Regardless, find a local dachshund meetup group near you! The best place to start is, google for a group, check your local craigslist, or start your own. Just get your dachshund out of the house! What fun!


Nevis said...

Wow, you're Joey is a handsome doggy!

Anonymous said...

What meet-up group did you go to? Frankie looks just like a Doxie I fostered. Did he have a brother named Benji? (Benjamin and Franklin) A wonderful couple in the Lincoln park area of Chicago adopted them so I was just wondering if it could be the same dogs???

Rowdy and Bette said...

Hi Roberta, it was Chicago Dachshund Lovers, and it's Frankie of 'Frankie, Cassie and Crede.' They go to both Suburban and Chicago meetups. They're all red standards, Crede is smooth, and Frankie and Cassie are longhair. You've probably met them?

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