Friday, May 3, 2013

Wieners Wieners Everywhere

It's Friday, and it's time to sing!  Via NYU Local:  Wiener dogs stormed Washington Square in New York last Saturday for the Spring Fiesta of the Dachshund Friendship Festival. The gathering let the little guys run with dogs of their own size; and with numbers came power. So many dachshunds played around the fountain that Shakespeare in the Square’s Taming of the Shrew couldn’t actually go on in the park. The performance was moved to NYU Stern’s Gould Plaza. But hey, we’ll take wagging wieners over Tischies any time. The climax of the day’s event involved everyone lifting their wieners in the air to sing the Dachsong.  Go ahead.  Click that link and sing!

Are you singing yet? 

(song credit Dogtunes)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am behind a couple days.
Wow Rowdy- Big Man 2 already. Where does the time go. Happy Birthday!
You and your sister make such a striking pair. Such beautiful coats. Must be all those chicken feet. Never had those. Not sure where I would find fresh ones out where I live, maybe still attached to the chicken. Penny is such a great bunny hunter. The rat video looks just like her on a walk. Everywhere she has ever flushed a bunny she remembers to check. We looked into earth dog events out here but it has to be done in above ground tunnels because of Valley Fever. That kinda scared me off. She already inhales enough dust sniffin' those bunnies to make one worry.
You guys take care. Love to see all your posts. You sure are a gold mine of information. Take care of yourselves and have FUN!!!


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