Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's All About The Birthday Boy


Your Long and Short of it All host 'Rowdy' turns 2 today!  He got to sleep in several minutes later than normal this morning and enjoyed a great little walk in the park this afternoon.  His favorite birthday present ever is having his new little sister 'Bette.'  Dad might have stopped on his way home tonight to pick up some raw chicken feet to treat the Dynamic Duo on Rowdy's special day.  And that's cause He's such a good boy.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Rowdy!

-- Monty

Basil says: Two? You're OLD! :)

Anonymous said...

HB Dear Rowdy....

And MANY more!!
The Crazy Wiener Crew in Ohio

Trinket's mom said...

Happy Birthday, Rowdy!

I know it's late, but I do hope you had a most wonderful birthday!

Jane S. said...

Happy Birthday to Rowdy! He is such a wise little man. :)

Tubesock said...

Happy birthday, Rowdy!

Miss Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet doggie!

Tootsie said...


Buon compleanno e tanti auguri e baci!


The Sheridan Avenue Boys said...

Happy Birthday little Rowdy!!!

Tânia B. said...

A late happy birthday to you, Rowdy! Everytime I see your pictures I feel even more sure that my next wiener has to be a wirehair. You're sooo cute! My babies Schatzi and Blume send you their love and best wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Rowdy and Bette (& Dad),

Cinnamon's humans from PA here, stopping by to wish a somewhat belated but very heartfelt 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to the worlds number one advocate for wirehair Dachshunds, Rowdy Bording!!! Don't know if you could hear the cheers all the way in Chicago, but the PA Piebalds were all jubilent, and that meant some serious 'woofing' was going on!

Hope you enjoyed your special dayday, Rowdy, chicken feet and all!

Peace & Love,
Cinnamons Humans from PA & the
PA Piebalds: Maggie, Max & Melly

Gatinha said...

Two, already? Time does fly!

Congratulations Rowdy!

Woofs from Gracie

Anne said...

happy belated bday R-man!!! So love seeing you and Bette on your site!!

many tail wags and belly rubs!
-Roxie Lou, Coco Beane and Auntie Em

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