Friday, April 12, 2013

Teckel Superstar!

You're a Superstar, yes that's what you are, you know it.  Thanks so much to our good friend 'Lovie' for sending in the link to this video.  He speaks a little German and has been able to ascertain some info about it:

Hey Rowdy and Bette,

A friend of mine from Germany sent me this link, a trailer for a Dachshund documentary on the German channel Arte. Unfortunately we can't watch the whole show here on the USA but the trailer is so sweet and wonderful!

Lovie, you're a superstar for sending this in!  Turn up the volume and have a great Friday.

Video by youtuber exilim1968.


Anonymous said...

so fun, love me some dachshunds :D

Baron's sleeping by my I'll send a gentle woooof to Rowdy and Bette!!!

Anonymous said...

From Cinnamon's Humans in PA,

Rowdy and Bette, Thanks for this excellent post. The trailer is filled with Dachshund attitude, beauty and love.

Peace & Love,

Cinnamon's Humans and the PA
Piebalds: Maggie, Max & Melly

Trinket's mom said...

So much cute today! Thanks for sharing!

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