Thursday, September 13, 2012

Remembering Maggie

Dad's Little Goddess

One year ago today, our beautiful beloved 'Maggie' left this earth.  The pain of losing this little girl, your original Long and Short of it All hostess, and Joey's littermate sister, has never really subsided.  We still miss her and her gentle presence every single waking hour.
In honor of Maggie, and all of the dogs who have left us, we hope that every one reading this will stop and take some time to remember all the joy and happiness that these little guys bring us.  Take some extra minutes today and take your Dachshund for a nice relaxing walk, maybe a car ride to the drive-thru, give them an extra special treat, an ear massage, a belly rub, and tell them how much they are loved. 
We have posted some special reader remembrances of beloved furry friends who have been lost immediately below this post.  Thanks so much to those authors for their kind words and loving thoughts.  We will always remember.
We wrote these next words a few years ago when both Joey and Maggie were gravely ill.  The fumbling sentences still ring true today, perhaps even more so:

Love Your Dachshund

I love his beautiful eyes. I love her long soft hair. I love his fleshy nose. I love her silky smooth belly. I love his leathery ears. I love her crooked tail. I love his penchant for long walks. I love her beautiful smile when she bares all her teeth. I love his wicked laughs. I love how she can hear other dog's tags from blocks away.
I love his never-ending desire for food. I love her desire to protect us. I love his spots. I love her furry muzzle. I love the long deep stares from his big brown eyes. I love her too-quick glances with that gleam in her eye. I love his short stubby paws. I love her little shaggy toes. I love how he knocks things over with his nose just to watch them fall. I love her muted colors.
I love his playful moods. I love her kisses. I love the way his skin shivers when I caress his side. I love how she has to scratch her back on the sidewalk every time we go outside. I love his yearning for car rides. I love her shy ways. I love his wagging tail. I love how she sometimes lifts her leg to pee. I love how he stretches out to pee. I love it when she bucks like a pony when she's excited.
I love how he cocks his head when he hears a Luna carpet commercial. I love her velvet bump where her dew claw would be. I love his wayward whiskers. I love her propensity to drudge through a puddle on walks. I love his crooked legs. I love her hatred of fireworks. I love his hatred of rain. I love her sharp little teeth. I love the smooth brown spot on the side of his face. I love her when she chews the bands of some underwear she's found.
I love the well-defined muscles on his hind legs. I love her ear when it won't stay down. I love his desire for laps. I love her swaying paws when she sits up so pretty. I love the wrinkles on the top of his head. I love her clicking nails. I love his warmth on a cold winter's night. I love her long soft neck. I love his whimpers. I love her gentle expressions.

What do you love about your Dachshund?


Aunt Kim said...

The hole she left in my heart will never heal, nor do I want it too.
I miss you Maggie May.......

Aunt Kim

Jessica said...

Still so sorry for your loss, she is a beauty still somewhere in heaven. Thanks for all your work with this blog, it gives me daily much needed breaks from my work. Now it's time to go give my red dachsie Arthur some lovin'. They are all so special and I'm glad Rowdy gets to experience Joey and your love too.

Take care,
Jessica and Arthur
Faithful Readers

Anonymous said...

Such touching words for your beloved dachshund. I am so happy I found this blog. Thank you so much for all your work and such interesting and precious stories. It is giving me comfort during a hard time also as my doxie "Pumpkin" 13 years old was just diagnosed with cancer and I am cherishing every day I have with my sweet sweet boy. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

In honor of beautiful Miss Maggie and other beloved pets we've loved and lost, I'll do something extra extra special today for my dachshund babies. I'm thankful to have them still at age 11 and 13. As a loyal reader, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know it still hurts.

Anonymous said...

I love the depth of your feelings for your dogs. I hate that Maggie had to leave you.

Grace said...

What I love the most about my dachshund Duke is his ability calm me and provide me the love and loyalty and affection that I need the most when I am in either tense, angry, upset or sad. I love him so much. I wish he could be around for my entire life but alas since he cannot I have to cherish him and love him with all my heart :)

Eliza57 said...

Words are so incomplete when it comes to describing one's love of pets especially a dachshund. They are such character driven beings from the moment you are blessed to introduce them into your family. Every day is an adventure of emotion - ADD - "All Dachshund Drama" OCD - "Obsessive Compulsive Divas" DARE - "Dachshunds Are Ruling Everywhere" And since they come is such a compact package I believe they're partly bionic.
Enjoy every second. Happy tails!

Oscar and Hans said...

We think of Maggie every time we visit the blog. She was such a pretty girl, with a shopping sense that was second to none.

We are so glad you have continued with the blog. Maggie would have wanted that. :)


--Oscar and Hans

dianneo said...

I love my doxies so much, so I know how you feel. Here is an awesome story about a dog who really loved his owner. It's not a doxie, but we can all relate to the story. I think your readers would love it.

jonathan said...

Such a sweet way to remember your companion. I can't even imagine. I'll give my little guy some extra love in Maggie's honor. Be well.

Tânia B. said...

Is there anything not to love about a dachshund? I've been struggling with depression for some good years and my two long short doggies helped me so much in the last year. If it wasn't for them I would still be feeling worthless. They make me feel important and loved in a way that no person (other than my wonderful parents) ever did. I can't make a list of things that I love about them, for it would never ever end!
I'm sorry about Maggie, I have a 14 year old dachshund who is still very healthy, but I dread the day I'll lose her. I love her so much. She's been with me since my early teens and we've been through so much together.
Dogs are the most loyal friends a person can have.

Tootsie said...

I was driving across Wyoming today thinking about Maggie, because Rod Stewart's song came on the radio. I sang along out loud in honor of your Maggie, your sweet doxie. And then I read this tonight. My heart goes out to you and yours and all who love Maggie. Yes, on the anniversary of her passing may we all remember to pet the fur and kiss the nose. Tootsie is back home with Grandpa, and I'll ask her to send dog grams to all our beloveds who have passed as I know the J-Man and Rowdy do daily.

Renee (Tootsie's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Maggie will always be around u. Tonight we will light another strawberry candle just for her, as we did on her passing to find her way to the strawberry fields at the Rainbow Bride. Love u all. Shilo, Sass, Maggie and Sky-la from Quebec, Canada

Decor To Adore said...

How blessed we are to have the love of such wonderul companions. May your heartfelt memories of your wonderful Maggie be a comfort to you.

Anne said...

Awe dear girl - maggie - you are truly missed and celebrated here daily!! We come here religiously to see what's posted and how our short legged friends are doing.

'Love your dachshund' is a perfect remembrance - gosh, how there's many many things we love about our doxies!! The looks with the eyes, the constant lap companionship, happy dance before a walk, love-love of food time and THE CUTEST TAIL WAGS ever!! There's many more.... OXO

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet remembrance of wonderful little Maggie. She is not forgotten, and forever loved.

Thanks for sharing!

Melinda in McLean

Anonymous said...

I lost my sweet sweet girl Sassy about 3weeks ago. I cry everyday because i miss and love her so much. Its been rough for me. She was always there for me. She was 10 years old. I know her and Maggie along with other doxies are having a ball in heaven.

Anonymous said...

To Dad's Little Goddess,

We will 'see' you later today, Miss Maggie, but we needed to let you know,right now (sorry: 2:05AM EDT!) how very much you are loved.

Bless you, Carson, & your beloved angel Maggie. I am thankful every day for having been introduced to TLASOIA by my dear little redhead Cinnamon, inspired & touched by the profound & everlasting love you share with Maggie, & Joey. You, Maggie and your entire family are in our thoughts & prayers as we mark two years since Maggie's passing. The love, & the aching truly does last forever.

Bless you.

Cinnamon's Humans & The PA
Piebalds: Maggie, Melly & Max

Anonymous said...

To Maggie & Joey,

We will be sending an email your way later, dear angel friends, but Cinnamon insisted we leave something, somewhere, in advance of your 13th birthday on December 23, 2013.

Bless beloved and oh so loving and devoted Maggie and Joey, in recognition of your 13th birthday.

Bless you, and Dad Carson, and Rowdy and Bette, always.

Cinnamon's Humans & The PA Piebalds: Maggie, Melly & Max

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