Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Those Special Dachshunds: Happy Birthday Fairfax!

Wooo Dachshund!  Fairfax is stunning.  Thanks to her Auntie for writing in on the occasion of the pretty little girl's 7th birthday!  She writes:

Dear Joey and  Rowdy,

I am a huge fan of your website, and wanted to submit some of my favorite moments of my sister’s dachshund, Fairfax.  It’s her 7th birthday today, and she still acts like a baby! We love her to death and spoil her rotten.  Maybe that’s why she insists on having to share everything with my sister’s little baby!

Happy Birthday and sleep tight little one.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting Fairfax's birthday! My family got a big kick out of this, and we can now say we have a famous family member:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my how precious! What a wonderful story to start our Tuesday. We love all your posts and hope Fairfax's Birthday is a fabulous one!
Robin Macy and Bailey

Anonymous said...

Coming from Fairfax's mommy.....a very special thank you to Aunt Nicky for loving her so much and making her famous! Love this website! :)

Anonymous said...

cute....but I still get worried whenever i see a dog near a baby....its just not good practice. Protective instincts are there for a reason:)

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